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Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Cycle


Woodworm is caused by four types of woodworm beetles resident in the UK. It is a common misconception that woodworm only affects old properties; in fact it can cause damage to newly constructed buildings as well as old.

In the UK there are 4 common types of woodworm that often cause property owners to require woodworm treatment:

Common Furniture Beetle

Death Watch Beetle

House Longhorn Beetle

Powderpost Beetle

Without treatment, woodworm can cause significant damage to the structure of a property and depending on the level of woodworm infestation; it can result in a property becoming structurally unsound.

How to spot if you need Woodworm Treatment:

Tell tale signs of woodworm include:

Small round holes in your woodwork, similar to the holes in a dart board.

Fine, powdery dust around these holes (this is known as frass).

Crumbly edges to boards and joists.

Adult beetles emerging from the holes or present around the house.

Even if you can't see any holes, you might also find frass escaping from the back or underside of old furniture. Again this suggests active woodworm.

Solution - Woodworm Treatment:

Dynamic Property Care UK are at the leading edge of timber and woodworm treatment and are experts at identifying wood boring insects that invariably lead to wood rot and the need for remedial woodworm treatment.

The Dynamic Property Care woodworm treatment and timber preservation techniques are clean and simple. We start by identifying the species and whether the infestation is still active. We then treat the woodworm infestation and also carry out a structural test to determine whether the timbers needs repairing or replacing.



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