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Woodworm Dry Rot and Wet Rot can affect all properties.

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Woodworm and Dry/Wet Rot are very common property defects here in the the UK and abroad. They are mostly present in Older properties where timbers are untreated and time has allowed for the Woodworm (beetle) to move in and make your home its home. Small cases of woodworm have been found in modern properties where the incorrect measures have been taken to prevent the infestation.

Dry & Wet Rot are found in old and new properties where ever a moisture source has managed to breakdown the barrier of that particular property. Unfortunatley older properties are more suseptible to dampness and hence Dry or Wet Rots. Modern properties have measures in place now to make these forms of Rot very rare but it has been known for a building fault and/or bad workmanship to occur allowing these defects to show.

On the following pages of this section you will find lots of information/ advice about woodworm, dry rot and wet rot along with some of the correct solutions to these property defects.

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26 November 2020
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