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Timber Repairs

Detailed Timber Repair Information

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Most damaged wooden structures can be repaired with minimal disturbance - these include joists, lintels, tie-beams, rafters, bressumers, wall plates, posts, wind turbine blades, flag poles, glulam beams.

Around 90% of defective/rotton timbers can be repaired. If they can not be repaired then replacement is the only option left. The following areas and/or problems can certainly be repaired:

  • Rotted ends in the wall or mid-sections, in beams, rafters,joists & plates
  • Holes and voids
  • Splits along the grain
  • Bowed, sagging or cracked through beams
  • Rotted ends in the wall, but very restricted access
  • Rot in frames and posts
  • Rot and insect attack

Our specialists offer a variety of timber repair methods using the correct materials for joists and beams.

Our specialists offer a variety of joist repair methods for repairing plates and splices for joists.

There are a multitude of epoxies, polysters and polyurethanes for building repairs

Yes our specialists can repair and save joists, lintels, carrier beams, flitch beams, tie beams, rafters, 'A' frames, trusses, ridge boards, wall plates, timber frames, posts, door frames and window frames SAVING YOU £££!!!

With over 40 years 'Hands On' experience in the industry Dynamic makes it easy to find quality trade specialists by only allowing the best to join their website. Click HERE or the red box to get started.

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26 November 2020
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