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Specialist Rendering

Rock dash stucco, similar to pebble dashing but without the pebbles!!

There are many forms of specialist rendering techniques and systems available from damp proof rendering to Monochouche render systems to external wall insulation systems. Please see below for a variety of different specialist rendering methods:-

Damp proofing - modified sand/cement render

This more traditional rendering method is a special modified sand and cement render, which inhibits moisture and salts from passing through it. This method protects your new surface and finishes during and after the drying out process.

The first coat consists of a mix of four parts by volume of washed sharp sand to one part of cement gauged with clean water, containing one part of integral waterproofer.

The ingredients should conform to the following spec:

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) to BS EN 197 – 1: 2011
  • Aggregate should be clean sharp washed sand. The coarsest, sharpest sand suitably graded for plastering should conform to BS EN 13139: 2002.
  • Water – must be clean, free from organic contaminants and fit for drinking.

The modified render should be applied to a thickness of 12mm and scratched during its drying process to give a key for the next render coat. Its inexpensive, controls dampness,  breathable and provides a salt barrier.

Monocouche renders

Monocouche renders are a type of decorative finish applied to the outside of buildings to provide both decoration and weather protection.

Derived from the French, and meaning mono or single layer, Monocouche renders are modern single coat renders which can be applied by hand or machine. Colour pigmented throughout, meaning no building painting, monocouche renders provide a low maintenance, weather resistant, hard wearing and attractive finish to a large range of external brick and blockwork properties.

There are other terms that can be used to refer to these type of decorative finishes. A through colour render and a scraped finish render are also indications that a monocouche product has been employed. They refer to the manufacturing process and the application process.

The formulation of a monocouche render is distinguished by the use of White Ordinary Portland Cement as a binder which then enables the formulation to be pigmented. The addition of pigments will give a manufacturer the opportunity to produce a colour range and employ the term through colour render as when the product is applied and finished the pigment will bind in place, all the way through the body of the render.

This factor marks the biggest difference between modern renders and traditional renders that use grey Ordinary Portland Cement and hence cannot be pigmented successfully. A traditional render would have to receive a coat of paint to achieve a coloured decorative finish.

There are other manufacturers of acrylic and silicone render systems available like K Render or Parex.

Pebble dashing, roughcast, stucco

Roughcast or pebbledash is a coarse plaster surface used on outside walls that consists of lime and sometimes cement mixed with sand, small gravel, and often pebbles or shells. The materials are mixed into a slurry and are then thrown at the working surface with a trowel or scoop. The idea is to maintain an even spread, free from lumps, ridges or runs and without missing any background.

Roughcasting incorporates the stones in the mix, whereas pebbledashing adds them on top.

Stucco or render is a material made of aggregates, a binder, and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings, and as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture.

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23 November 2020
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