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Scaffold Towers

Typical scaffold tower

Safety begins the moment workers begin assembling scaffold towers. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when erecting scaffold towers, and never deviate from them by using non-standard or jury-rigged parts. Many reputable scaffold tower manufacturers have formed alliances with the Health and Safety Executive to develop sound methods by which scaffold towers are assembled, used and disassembled. The country of origin of scaffold towers is an important consideration as well. It's wise to choose a tower manufactured by a reputable UK or EU company, rather than one from Asia, where the manufacturing and quality requirements are not as high.

The Best Materials to Use for a Scaffold Tower

In general, aluminium and steel are the materials of choice for scaffold towers. Towers made from either of these metals are sound and reliable. For work around electrical sources, however, glass fibre towers should be used, since they will not conduct an electric current the way steel and aluminium do. If cost is a consideration, then steel is the better choice, since it's less expensive than aluminium.

Using and moving

Make sure everyone involved is aware of, and follows, these simple rules:


Never use a tower:

  • in strong winds;
  • as a support for ladders, trestles or other access equipment;
  • with broken or missing parts; or
  • with incompatible components.


When moving a tower you should always:

  • reduce the height to a maximum of 4m;
  • check that there are no power lines or other obstructions overhead;
  • check that the ground is firm, level and free from potholes; and
  • push or pull using manual effort from the base only.

Never move a tower while people or materials are on the tower, or in windy conditions.

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23 November 2020
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