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Repairing Damaged Joist Ends

Repairing Damaged Joist Ends

Epoxy Resin Repair

Epoxy resin repair is quite often used for the repair of structural timbers like floor joists, beams and roof trusses which have been affected by rot or wood boring insects. Epoxy resin repair is also used to simply strengthen structural timber to prevent deflection or crushing of the existing timber 
Epoxy resin repair is often used in older buildings or commercial properties as it is found to be economical compared to other methods of repair and it tends to cause less disruption to the buildings use. It can also avoid the complete replacement of sound structural timber and save timber that would normally be cut out due to conventional repairs.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Resin for Repairs

There are several reasons we prefer to use epoxy resin in major structural timber repairs. Some of the key benefits of epoxy resin are:

  • No Shrinkage – Epoxy resin won’t shrink 
  • Waterproof – Epoxy resin repairs are so durable because the epoxy resin used is waterproof. 
  • Strong – Epoxy resin is strong and bonds well with the existing timber.
  • Durability – Epoxies are unaffected by environmental corrosion
  • Saves existing building fabric – minimum existing fabric needs to be removed

Bower Beams

Bower beams are a brilliant way to repair, relace and/or strengthen the ends of rotten damp joists with minimal fuss.

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23 November 2020
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