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Repairing Carrier Beams

Repairing Carrier Beams

Definition of a Carrier Beam

"a spanning horizontal beam that carries the load of other beams or joists supporting a floor." (Definitions may vary regionally, as may the spelling)

Carrier Beams span across a floor, usually from wall to wall, to provide support for floor joists, which are usually supported in notches cut out of the Carrier Beam itself.

Types of Resin Repair

  When looking at structural resin repairs there several different methods we may use. A thorough survey of your property will determine the best course of action for the repair and will determine how we will carry out the repair. The main types of resin repair we carry out are:

  1. Solid Resin – the resin will be poured into a ‘shutter box’, or into slots in the existing timber to repair or upgrade strength.
  2. Timber-Resin Splice (TRS) – A new timber beam end or mid-section with resins supplied as a kit, manufactured to replace the original defective timber size exactly.
  3. Crack Repair – This involves splits and ‘shakes’ filled with resin, injected and ‘stitched’.
  4. Joinery & Cosmetic – this involves repairing timber frames and joinery

TRS – Timber Resin Splice

Timber resin repair has had over 40 years of successful use. The process itself was made less expensive 20 years ago thanks to the invention of the timber-resin splice system. Since then it has been installed in all types of properties including Domestic Houses, Churches, buildings owned by the National Trust and Local Authorities.

Cosmetic Resin Repair

For smaller areas of repair, it is possible to shape or mould putty resin into the timber profile and then it is sanded down, grained and then stained to create an attractive finish that will match the original structure. We particularly use this type of resin repair on older framed buildings.

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23 November 2020
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