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Plastering & Rendering

Removing wallpaper prior to skimming

There are various ways to finish off a wall once all the damp proofing treatment has been complete ranging from the traditonal right upto the ultra modern.

British Standard 6576 states that all damp proof courses should have the contaminated plasterwork removed and the exposed brickwork should then be covered with either :

Waterproof render to a minimum of 6mm thick ( this work is necesary to attain our 30 year Insurance Backed Guarantee)
Apply a second/third final coat of render to the waterproof base render or
Dot and dab the base render with foil backed plasterboard
The traditonal method of plastering would be the use of lime plasters. These allow the walls to 'breathe' as lime allows the passage of moisture vapour.

The final coating is always carried out with thistle multi/board finish to the desired affect, usually a ultra smooth finish with no trowel scuffs in it.

Artex and 'Olde english' styles can be accomodated for upon request.

NOTE: Before we even start to render or plaster all walls are wire brushed down to remove excess debris/materials and then thoroughly SBR bonded/glued. We SBR inbetween every coating we do because missing this vital part can cause cracks in the finished product or worse still layers can come away from the wall once we have finished. Both Dynamic and the customer do not want this!



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  • Always PVA walls before any form of Plastering/Rendering-VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  • PVa applied
  • Waterproof render being applied
  • Scratches being inserted to give better grip for second coat
  • Scratch coat completed

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