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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp

What Is Penetrating Dampness?

Penetrating dampness is quite simple moisture that penetrates through the brick or stone work of your property. This could be happening because there are obvious cracks or gaps in the wall (see associated building works section for solution) allowing rainwater to gain acces. This in turn can soak your internal plasterwork and joinery causing significant damage and a cold spot in the property where condensation can form.

Absorbant brickwork/mortar joints found on many older buildings also plays a key factor when it comes to penetrative dampness and some types of brickwork simply act like a sponge and hold moisture. This is where moss and lichen can grow and when winter arrives the stored water expands causing frost damage and the bricks can fall apart. The technical term for this is 'spalling'.

Significant heat loss from within the property is another reason that penetrative dampness not only affects the property but the property owner as well losing more money on additional heating costs.

Cracked and blown render is a major problem as this will simply let all the dampness seep in behind it, escalting the problem and eventually falling off leaving the underside totally exposed. The underside is usually bad brick/stone work which is extremly absorbant.

Water 'tidal' marks and darker areas of brick/stone work are other signs of penetrating dampness and a simple problem like an overflowing gutter, damaged down pipe or faulty roof can saturate a wall creating this problem.

Have you got Penetrating Dampness?

I have mentioned above the key factors to look out for when trying to diagnose this form of dampness but below they are listed:

  • Cracks, gaps and hairline fractures allow moisture in.
  • Black mould in areas where condensation is unlikely to form.
  • Moss and lichen growing.
  • Frost damge/perished brickwork.
  • Unusually excessive heat loss from certain rooms.
  • Cracked/blown render
  • Darker areas of brickwork or water 'tidal' marks.
  • Overflowing gutters/damaged downpipes

Solution(s) for Penetrating Dampness?

The simple way to solve most damp cases is by a process of elimination. First you need to take a good look at the wall in question and check list through all the points mentioned above to find out where the moisture is getting access to your property. Start at the top and work you way down as penetrating dampness is rainwater and this comes from above.

  • Roofing and guttering needs to be in a perfect water tight condition- any issues here one of our damp specialists can solve them.
  • All cracks in brickwork/render (except hairline) need to be either patch repaired or completely redone- any issues here one of our specialists can solve them.
  • Frost damaged brick/stone work needs to be repaired by replacing or turning.- any issues here one of our specialists can solve them.
  • Absorbant/damaged mortar needs to be ground out if necessary- any issues here one of our specialists can solve them.
  • There are a variety of certain waterproof coatings available that stop damp penetration but still allow the walls to breath and dry- any issues here one of our specialists can solve them.

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  • Spalled brickwork and salt exposure from penetrating damp
  • A specialist coating being applied by one of our specialists.
  • Diagram showing penetrating dampness can not enter the wall after treatment
  • Diagram showing that the coating allows the walls to breathe and fully dry once applied trapping no moisture underneath

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03 December 2020
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