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Cleaning statues and cleaning monuments is sensitive. A cultural legacy can be damaged beyond repair by using too much aggressive high pressure cleaning, or a corrosive cleaning agent. Our specialists will work to clean and restore statues and monuments to their full glory. We will test and analyse the stone type to ensure it is treated respectfully and at no risk of damage. Our softwash detergent blends will softly remove the dirt and stains, be they man-made or organic, and the clean effects last for three times longer than a high pressure wash.

We all want a suitable reminder of our loved ones when they pass on. Sadly, polished surfaces, such as marble headstones, can deteriorate quickly. Sometimes, after a period of unintended neglect, headstones will require cleaning to help preserve memories appropriately. Both weathering and organic growth can leave a gravestone looking neglected. It goes without saying that the noise of high pressure cleaners are not suitable for the grave environment, and the damage they can do to both stone and flora is significant. Solutions for cleaning headstones ensure that while the results must be clear immediately after cleaning, the stone must be preserved through the treatment so it can stand for decades to come.   

The sensitivity of the graveyard environment requires an equally sensitive solution. Headstone cleaning services are designed to be comprehensive and enduring.

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03 December 2020
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