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Masonry Ties & Stabilisation

Detailed Masonry Stone Repair Restoration Information

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Unwanted movement in buildings can cause a good deal of distress and worry for homeowners. Subsidence, physical disturbance and a failure of building materials are just some of the factors that can impact on the structural integrity of a property. Fortunately, while there are many reasons why a building can move, modern repair technology and advances in application techniques mean that effective solutions are on hand to tackle the problem.

Buildings on the move

Buildings can move for a variety of reasons, including;

  •  Ground movement or subsidence
  •  Inadequately restrained or tied walls
  •  Movement brought on by water ingress and timber decay into the structure
  •  Failed lintels or building materials
  •  Movement fatigue
  •  Mechanical impact or disturbance

 Repair Techniques that work

1) Wall ties   2) Crack Stitching

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26 November 2020
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