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Lead Flashing

Lead Flashing Repair UK

Lead flashing has been connected to chimneys since in the times of the Romans and is still an outstanding alternative now in case a durable flashing material is required. Unlike some other metal flashings, it’s highly impervious to erosion, and it has stood the test of time. It is very malleable, permitting it to be formed into elaborate shapes.

Flashing materials can be found in many external areas of a house such as roofs, chimneys and porches. Any structure or protrusion that rises through or joins to the roof will have a flashing. Chimney, dormer window, skylight, vents and roof valleys will all have a flashing where they join, or disappear through, the roof.

Installing lead flashing is usually done when a roof is put in place or when an extension is added. If new windows are added to the roof, then flashings will be added at this point. Any time that there is a change to the construction of the roof, flashings will be required.

While made to last, flashings can suffer with water damage and other wear and tear. Our specialists can undertake some or all of the following lead works:

  • Damaged Lead Gulley
  • Repair Leaking Flashing
  • Repair Flashing Connecting Flat Roof
  • Dormer Window Flashing
  • Repoint Chimney Lead Flashing
  • Repair Lead Gulleys
  • Frost and Snow Damaged Flashing Repairs
  • Replace Old Flashing
  • Repair Damaged Lead Flashing
  • Seal Lead Flashing To Wall
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03 December 2020
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