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Japanese Knotweed

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Make no mistake, Japanese Knotweed, or Fallopia Japonica, a rhizomatous perennial plant, is a ferocious creature. Native to Japan, Korea and parts of East Asia and China, the extent of its growth is combated by fungus and insects so Japanese Knotweed does not present the same problem there as it does in the western world, thousands of miles from its natural habitat.

Introduced into Europe in the 19th century as an ornamental plant, as well to provide ground cover and fodder, it’s brought untold worry and turmoil to grounds everywhere ever since. So why is it so destructive?

In Victorian Britain, travelling the globe was popular amongst the upper classes. Botany; the study and collecting of plants was also very popular in this age of science and reason, meaning many exotic species found their way on to British soil. The gardens of the aristocracy were crammed with species from their travels, and should a species fail to thrive or simply go out of vogue, it would be dug up and discarded. Japanese Knotweed was one such plant.

Dumped in disused quarries, waterways or anywhere conveniently out of sight, Japanese Knotweed thrived. Tiny fragments of stem, or rhizome can easily take root and regrow into new plants, and the original root system would regrow just as quickly. Getting rid of Japanese Knotweed is easier said than done, especially since each years its regrowth would be chopped and dumped, exacerbating its spread, year on year.

There a multitude of treatment solutions:-

1) Hebicide Treatment

2) Stem Injection

3) Excavation

4) Root Barriers

5) Sifting and Screening

It is only in recent decades that the full extent of this relentlessly growing plant which seemingly refuses to die has been realised, and as a result, the transportation and disposal of Japanese Knotweed stems, roots and contaminated soil is now strictly controlled.

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26 November 2020
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