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Condensation is an extremely underestimated cause of damage to our homes and is almost certainly the most common form of dampness within a building. It is because of this that enquiries regarding condensation treatment are on the rise. This is largely the result of improved standards of insulation, double glazing and draught proofing treatment of properties that all give the benefit of better heat retention, but results in a lack of ventilation and stale air resulting in the need for condensation treatment. Without regular ventilation or condensation treatment, it often results in unhealthy living conditions, unsightly condensation black mould growth, peeling decorations, damage to clothing or fabrics and unpleasant musty damp smells within your property.

What Causes Condensation and Black Mould?

Condensation occurs where warm moist damp air comes into contact with cooler air, or a colder surface, which is at a lower temperature. Air contains water vapour in varying quantities; its capacity to do so is related to its temperature - warm air holds more moisture than cold air. When moist air comes into contact with either colder air or a colder surface, the air is unable to retain the same amount of moisture and the water is released to form condensation in the air often forming on surfaces or walls and leading to damp problems. Specialist condensation treatment will be required to mitigate this.

How to Spot if you need Condensation and Black Mould Treatment:

Condensation is generally noticeable where it forms on non-absorbent surfaces, i.e. windows or tiles, but it can form on any surface and it may not be noticed until mould growth, rotting of material, peeling of decorations or damage to clothes occurs. This is also normally coupled with a strong musty smell. If you come across any of these conditions, please read on to get free advice on condensation treatments and control methods.

If however, none of the hints to help stop condensation refer to you and your property problem, please fill out the form and get one of our specialists to contact you regards a solution.

Solution: Condensation Treatment:

It is unlikely that a home in the UK will never need some form of condensation treatment or preventative measures as most of us do not want to keep our windows open particularly when it is cold outside. If you have a condensation problem, look at some of the condensation treatments available:

-Insulated air bricks/vents (minimum of two to be installed)
-Fungicidal 3 stage chemical treatment of spot black mould (apergillus niger)- will never re-appear
-Manual/electric/sensor air vents for bathrooms & kitchens (largest moisture creators)
-Whole house ventilation sytems for properties that have at least 50% of there rooms with a condensation problem      (smoke/pet/stale food smells also eradicated)

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26 November 2020
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