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Brickwork / Pointing

Loose brickwork needs attention


It is necessary to repair or replace brickwork when it has:

  • Become excessivly eroded away by damp within a wall and the salts have perished the brickwork to such a condition that the wall strength is compromised.
  • The brickwork on the external walls has suffered from weather and/or frost erosion. In this instance the brickwork will be replaced like for like (normally from a reclaim yard) or if they can be turned to show the good side they will.|

Re-pointing (to BS 8221)

Repair of all mortar beds when they have become excessivly perished from weather/frost erosion is essential as they no longer have valuable protection to your property from the rain, wind and snow etc....

In all external brickwork erosion instances a quality weatherproof coating should be considered to protect your new bricks from further erosion.

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  • Loose brickwork sorted
  • Re-pointing (before)
  • Re-pointing (after)

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26 November 2020
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