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Flood proofing

We came to the rescue of a property that had been flooded upto 300mm deep after a local river had burst its banks. We came up with a solution, monitoring program and full refit schedule. The solution included removing damaged plasterboard and timbers, floor coverings etc.. We then set up machinary which extracts moisture slowly from the structure including the concrete floors. After 4 months of steady drying the property was rebuilt back to a habitable condition.



The process from start to finish was a nightmare it took so long to get moved back in, nearly 6 months.  The flood proofing team eased our situation greatly with excellent knowledge, support and equipment to dry our home safely with the minimal structural damage. They were our second port of call, the first company were unreliable and poor at communicating.  Muchas gracias.
Antonio & Maria

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03 December 2020
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