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Japanese Knotweed Eradication

10 Year Knotweed Guarantee

Finally, a real and meaningful Japanese Knotweed guarantee that you can depend on in the event that you have Japanese Knotweed and you want to guarantee it does not return.

Our guarantee also acts as a solution to homeowners that are having difficulty getting a mortgage due to Knotweed. Put simply, it is the best guarantee you can get when it comes to Japanese Knotweed!

What makes our Japanese knotweed guarantee different?

Through the Invasive Weed Group of the Property Care Association (PCA), our Japanese Knotweed guarantee is also recognised the the Royal Instituation of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). 

Our 10 year guarantee comes as standard with all our Japanese Knotweed treatments.

In short - our guarantee offers 'complete peace of mind' from the day our treatment is done! 

Additional Insurance Backing

Futhermore, unlike some Japanese Knotweed contractors who only offer guarantees covered by their company, we can also offer extra insurance backing by Guaranteed Protection Insurance for a one off aditional cost.

GPI are a general insurer authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and insurance backing means that in the unlikely event that Dynamic Property Care UK was unable to continue as a business, your Japanese Knotweed guarantee policy would continue to be effective and covered by a contractor approved by GPI. This policy of insurance can also be passed from home-owner to home-owner and will further assist with the selling/purchase process.

Why a Japanese knotweed guarantee is important

At Dynamic Property Care UK we pride ourselves on the high standards of our works and the advanced solutions and techniques we use for the removal and treatment of Japanese Knotweed. However, Japanese Knotweed is a very difficult plant to control and can cause significant damage if not treated correctly.  

Our guarantee ensures that if our Japanese knotweed treatment and removal processes have not worked, then under the Japanese Knotweed guarantee, you are covered for up to 10 years from the treatment and removal of the problem.  All we ask is that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for a surveyor to come and re-inspect your property and that you keep hold of your guarantee, original report and associated paperwork.


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